About Us

Fitness is something that many of us grow up dreading. We think of fitness as something negative that we have to avoid. It is why we enjoy having so much junk food when we are kids, while not worrying about the weight we are gaining. But then you go through a moment, whether it is as a teenager or young adult, where you realize your mistakes. It happened for me and I believe that it can happen for you. It is the reason why I started by fitness magazine. I want to talk with people about the possibility of being fitter, healthier and the best version of yourself.

Being fit is not something that we should look at with dread. It is something that we should enjoy and feel passionate about. I know that I do! Fitness is now my biggest passion in life. I love the fact that I can get up in the morning, have a cup of matcha green tea, feel energetic and go about my day. I can go for a 5 mile run before work and still feel great all day. It is a feeling that I could never manage before I improved my physical fitness. But now it is a key part of my life – and I would not have it any other way.

The fitness magazine is all about helping you find the best version of yourself. We talk about diets, fitness regimes, exercising tips and other information that you might find useful. For instance, we have a lot of content about intermittent fasting, as we want to discuss how it is the best way for you to lose weight and improve your physical fitness. If you are someone who loves fitness and wants to learn more about the topic, we hope that you will see the website as a number one resource in this area.

If you have any comments or thoughts about our content, feel free to send an email through the links provided on the site! We always love to hear about our content from our readers, as we write every article with you in mind!